Spider Z

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Power Input: DC12V/2A
WiFi controller output current:Max.2A each color
Channel: Max 4 channel RGB
Control App: eWelink
Feature: Remote Control, Cuttable, Color-Changing, Self-adhesive, Linkable, Dimmable, Dance with music
Control Signal: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4G WiFi +IR remote(24Key)
Working Temperature: -20~+50°C
Support system: Alexa/Home/IFTTT
Support mobile: Android/IOS

Tips You Must Know
1. The connect between the WiFi controller and light strip must be in towards to the arrows.
2. Please connect all parts well before you plug in the power supply, otherwise it will take risk for the light strip burn out.
3. When you use the remote controller, you should take aim the IR accepter, otherwise it can’t work well.
4. The WiFi control box only support 2.4G-WiFi.