Micro Usb Cable Data 1.0 Meter

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Cable Shape Round Cable
Conductor Silver-plated copper
Plug Material Gold Plated/Nickel Plated
Housing Material TPE
Outer jacket  TPE
Gauge of the Wire 30AWG*8C+33AWG*1P+34AWG*3C+34AWG*1C+24AWG*1C
OD 5.2MM
Length 1M
Color  Black
OEM  Available 
Package PE bag

1) 100W Power Delivery:USB 4 Cable up to 20V/5A 100W Charging compatibility.

2) Up to 40Gbps Transfers Speed:It can copy 14 hours of HD video or 25,000 photos within one minute at speeds up to 40 Gbps.

3) Max 8K Video output: 8K@60HZ video resolution.

4) Support PCIE 32GB

5) Support PD 3.0 fast charging

6) With Original Cypress Chip 2103

7)Compatible with thunderbolt 3 & thunderbolt 4 cable 

Application Mobile Phone/Computer/Display/Tablet